Greatness: "The property possessed by someone or something of outstanding importance."

It is intriguing to me that a lot of humanity is seemingly lost. Has been lost, is now, maybe always will be. You know that old quote, "the mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation." We come into life as these perfect beings, unfettered, full of life and zest and play, and then one day we get out of bed and are up to our eyeballs in a toxic, dis-eased soup, either courtesy of life on the planet, or as is the case with most of us who operate in the “civilized” world, pretty much of our own making. We then either crawl to our grave trying to drain the soup, are absolutely unconscious that there even is a soup, or pick your poison.  100's of life-scenarios obviously play out, but so few of us seem to return to that zest and play that accompanies childhood.

Sooo...wouldn't it be amazing to create something that inculcates into children at an early age of this "property possessed" so that they can go back to that in times of need? 

A touchstone of sorts. 

I AM OF OUTSTANDING IMPORTANCE.   Always.  In the good, the bad and the ugly, I remain beautiful and precious and worthy of life supporting me to the tune of my desires.  ALWAYS! 

I pass the test.  I am greatness.

I fail the test.  I am greatness.

I am white.  Greatness.

I am black.  Greatness.

Girl.  Greatness.

Boy.  Greatness.

AND...for clarification purposes, it's not an "I won, you didn't" greatness.  Never an "I'm better than you." It isn't about competition, achieving, climbing the mountain top and planting the flag of "I did it all myself damnit with hard work, a ton of effort, and by God I am the greatest ~!@#$%^&* in the world and where's my plaque, etc. 

The kind of greatness I am talking about is gentle.  An easy, conscious remembering of sorts. An effortlessness. It is the perfect breath. This is the kind of greatness that I want to illuminate. A felt presence that is in each and everyone of us and we carry it always wherever we go.

I have it. You have it. We didn't earn it. We came to this earth with it.

It is our gift and it is our mission to always remember it as gift.  Speaking of gift, take our bodies for example.

The eye.  Do we make it see? No. It sees.  Are we in control of the 6 million gallons of blood that the heart pumps for us over a normal human lifetime?  No. Do we micro-manage the 75,000 miles of blood vessels in each and every one of us. Yeah, the ones that would wrap around the earth two & 1/2 times? No.  Merely creations of the body - - gifts - - made for us to thrive. Do we breathe ourselves? We don't have to. We are breathed.  Do we control the 1,000's of cellular functions that occur every second that keep us alive?  Speaking of.  One human cell, just one, measures 1/1000th of an inch long and contains enough information to fill 1000 books, 600 pages each.  Just one…one of trillions in the human body.  Do we control the millions of cells in a drop of blood? Are we the exchanger of carbon dioxide for oxygen? No. The body does all these things effortlessly. And with very little input from us I might add.

I am wondering if this gift of body is not a clue to us as humans of a giant truth that a lot of us seem to be missing. In our struggle to become, mainly in our minds, we lose out on the more still truth that we, like the body, contain a perfection and a beauty that we somehow fail to acknowledge because there are bills to pay, or the grass is too high and the neighbor is complaining.        

What about the greatness of our universe? The stars? The earth? Nature? Animals? Our talents as human beings?  Greatness.

Anyway. This is what I am interested in. And then obviously all the obstacles that are put in the way of our remembering this throughout our lives. By us mainly as we grow, but also bad parenting, drugs, choices, the media, our "perceptions," our choices, our religion, their religion, etc. All that "stuff" gets thrown in that toxic soup I was referring to and we marinade. And since we are human, we marinade in the negative typically.

GREATNESS: "the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance."