Everybody do the interaction
dance. It’s so easy if you
give it a chance. Pretend a
bug is crawling up your pants.
Shake it out!”
— Eddie Coker

Since 1987, Eddie Coker, an award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer, has created the Weird, Wild World of Eddie Coker for Disney, recorded 100’s of songs for children and their families, has a huge following on SiriusXM Radio and has entertained well over a 1,000,000 children nationwide as a live concert artist.

A former opera singer, Mr. Coker now spends the majority of his time presenting live musical programs (100’s per year) that provide educational and spiritual support in diverse venues; such as schools, churches, temples, youth organizations, and corporations. These unique programs touch on the areas of character building, the fostering of kindness and empathy, physical fitness, and helping children to architect, from an early-age, a “core” of self-valuing; a self-valuing that is essential in dealing with the world they live in.