“I think the whole world should be like one big Eddie Coker concert!” SARA HICKMAN

“Thank you for coming to our school. The kids just loved you so much! I enjoyed hearing the woo-woo song throughout the day. Everyone was so happy, especially the kids.  I wish you could visit and perform everyday. You are a blessing.”  MARIA WAGNER (KINDERGARTEN)

“My wife and I used to see Eddie in the morning with the kids at one location, go get a baby sitter for the afternoon, and then head back cross town and see him by ourselves at a second concert.”  JEFF & FRANCES BENJAMIN

“He’s Robin Williams doing a Jimmy Buffett concert.  Minus the margaritas!” SYDNEY CONNEL LONG

“Sorry to fill your inbox with an unsolicited e-mail, but I have to share with you an experience I had this morning. I was in a Kindergarten room working with a student when I heard a girl at a workstation singing "Love At Every Step."  It warmed my heart to know that a month later, the kids are still carrying the Wezmore message! Thanks for a great program and the impact it continues to have on students and staff!!!” BRYAN BIRD, PRINCIPAL – BETHANY ELEMENTARY.

"To all my friends with young children, and grandchildren (gulp), you should definitely check this out. It's the current "project" of a friend of mine, Eddie Coker, called WEZMORE. Eddie Coker is an amazingly talented entertainer - singer, musician, writer, general zaniness creator. His focus is kids and their development and fulfillment; he really gets them. There is a whole generation of adults (former kids) who can attest to that. Do your kids a favor, and check it out.” LAYNE JACKSON

“So, as a psychotherapist who has worked with many, many at-risk youth, and also work with adults who were once at-risk youth, I cannot say enough good things about Eddie Coker and his work of the last 25 years (via the fun music he’s known for) helping to build a child’s core sense of worth and value.  The vast majority of kids don't have access to a private therapist or individual tutors, and far too many don’t have the mentors to help them navigate today’s world. By creating WEZMORE, Eddie can help reach so many kids who need it. And, what kid couldn’t benefit from a little encouragement, guidance, and support to create a sense of peace and respect and love for themselves and others, while having lots of fun doing it? Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge or a goofy song to make a lasting impact.”